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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 34387
Job Openings by Title Senior Analyst
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Senior Analyst

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		34387


- Liability Valuation, Occurrence Year Fee Setting, Financial Projection and Dynamic Capital Adequacy Testing.
- Data preparation and validation for year-end and mid-year liability valuation.
- Build actuarial models by cost component, by region.
- Prepare supporting information for valuation report, such as exhibits, plots etc.
- Peer review actuarial work produced within the team.
- Participating in year-end review and auditing.
 - Risk group analysis and validation.
- Build actuarial models for new occurrence year cost projection.
- Maintaining and improving the Macro used to produce supporting information for aggregate fees.
- Producing Type of Work fees, and complete supporting template to support billing.
- Participating in preparation of fee setting report.
- Support the mid-to-long term balance sheet projection produced by Actuarial service team.
- Work on supporting components of the financial projection.
- Prepare base scenario and calibrate stress scenarios for DCAT.
- Support the annual DCAT scenario construction with necessary research work.
 - Work closely with actuarial application development team on various tasks, such as QA.
- Provide timely and quality assistance to Chief Actuary to fulfil Actuarial team’s responsibility.
- Knowledge sharing and cross training within and outside Actuarial service team.
- Assisting in the preparation of presentation and other communication vehicles to delivery actuarial work product to Senior Management and Council.
- Performing other tasks in the following area, but not limited to: company’s insurance program, optimizing existing actuarial process, designing and implementing actuarial report.


- Bachelor’s Degree required, preferably with a concentration in Actuarial Mathematics or Statistics.
- Minimum 5 CAS exams completed.
- 7+ years of relevant experience.
- Experience working with SAS and R preferred.
- Basic understanding of GAAP accounting procedure and financial reporting practice considered an asset.
- Bilingualism considered an asset.
- Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel and VBA required.
- Ability to work independently and within a team environment.
- Ability to meet tight deadlines and perform well under pressure.
- Strong analytic and problem solving skills.
- Strong sense of ownership and self-accountability.

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