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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 39876
Job Openings by Title Actuary or Senior Actuary (remote)
Location United States
Position:	  Actuary
Job ID:		39876

-Providing thought leadership and Axis expertise on all model development, refinement, and implementation, including assumption changes, new functionality, and compliance with regulations, actuarial standards & guidelines, and industry best practices.
-Developing and maintain required functionality within our Moody’s Axis models to be used for a variety of purposes, including Valuation, Financial Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis, SII, Cash Flow Testing, and others as needed.
-Providing actuarial modeling support and Axis expertise during functional design, model specification creation, model development, and implementation stages.
-Collaborating with IFRS 17 team, valuation, finance, asset modeling, financial planning, IT, and others to ensure models built using Moody’s Axis, Excel, SSQL or other software 
-Models must support multiple accounting methods including IFRS, STAT, Tax, SII and others as required by management.
-Reviewing and test models to ensure that they are appropriately built to reflect product designs, all reporting requirements, reflect financial reinsurance deals, meet business purposes, and are fit for the intended purposes of all the modeling requirements.
-Developing robust model validation of Moody’s Axis models against existing MG-Alfa models during the build 
-Providing modeling expertise and support for other internal needs, including capital efficiency analysis, deal amendments, pricing support, etc.
-Ensuring model control is maintained around development models, to prevent unauthorized changes and ensure integrity of model results.
-Several years of experience in evaluation of life insurance

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