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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 40726
Job Openings by Title Director
Location Massachusetts, United States
Position: Director, Data
Job ID:		40727


-Responsible for overseeing strategic, tactical, and operational aspects of data governance and advancing company’s transformation into a data-centric organization.
-Manages data definition, data management, and data quality standards throughout the organization using the established data management framework.
-Supervises the collection, organization, and quality control of data across company’s existing and future data storage platforms
-Establishes data policies and standards company-wide and designs and implements a measurement framework for monitoring and assessing adherence to these standards by both business and IT.
-Leads the Data Governance Office (DGO) in the development and execution of projects, ensuring a high level of data quality.
-Provides guidance on data best practices and facilitates the Data Operational Committee as part of other responsibilities.

-Extensive level of professional knowledge in field across broad disciplines and business segments. Extensive knowledge of general management, strategy and policy-setting practices.
- Acts independently, guided only by very broad company policies and objectives. Work is reviewed from a strategic, relatively long-term perspective against major objectives impacting a major portion of the company.

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