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Job ID: 40735
Job Openings by Title Cat Risk Analyst
Location California, United States
Position: Cat Risk Analyst
Job ID:		40735


· Apply creative analytics to assess the company's vulnerability to catastrophes, both domestically and internationally.
· Develop tools and processes to quantify risk, with a focus on gathering, preparing, and analyzing catastrophe exposure data to support underwriting, risk management, and portfolio optimization.
· Evaluate the company's exposure to catastrophe risk across different lines of business.
· Create, manage, and track catastrophe risk portfolio aggregations, ensuring data quality and modeling loss estimates.
· Prepare and model exposure data using tools 
· Monitor active catastrophe events and estimate losses for the existing portfolio.
· Analyze changes in exposure and their impact on models.
· Research non-modeled catastrophe-related risks and quantify them.
· Generate reports and provide strategic analyses to department leadership.
· Share reports with management to keep them informed about the current catastrophe risk portfolio.
· Evaluate and present analysis results to underwriters and participate in pricing discussions.
· Propose underwriting guidelines to effectively mitigate the company's risk exposure.
· Develop and lead monitoring processes for catastrophe aggregations.
· Advise management on suitable catastrophe modeling software upgrades and acquisitions.
· Offer training materials, documentation, and guidance to underwriting staff regarding catastrophe models.
· Stay updated on advancements in the catastrophe modeling industry.
· Maintain knowledge of vendor model differences by peril and zone.

· Minimum 3-5 years of experience in the insurance/reinsurance industry required. 
· Proficient with Excel, MS SQL, VBA.
· Experience with R, Python or other statistical analysis software is preferred but not required.
· Strong analytical and technical aptitude and ability with solid understanding of probability and statistics.

-->SALARY: 75-130k
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