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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 40741
Job Openings by Title Pricing Actuary (remote)
Location Australia
Position: Pricing Actuary
Job ID:		40741


· Formulate pricing recommendations to maximize value for company’s annuities, superannuation, and life-insurer-issued investment products in Australia and New Zealand.
· Facilitate approvals and implement pricing changes in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
· Analyze and report on customer product performance for various purposes, including management, customers, regulators, and trustees.
· Deeply understand and apply new and evolving regulatory standards to super and investment products, particularly regarding fees, costs, and charges.
· Assist in addressing complex internal and customer queries and complaints about product performance.
· Contribute skills and experience to address emerging issues and identify value opportunities across the superannuation and investments portfolio..
· Utilize advanced Microsoft Excel skills to manage data, conduct financial analysis, and build robust calculation models.
· Collaborate with product managers and various experts across the organization, including senior leaders, finance, technology, and investments, to implement changes.
· Develop, review, and enhance processes and procedures to increase efficiency, reduce the risk of error, and minimize key person dependency.

-Qualified actuary
-5 years of experience

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